Excited to Finally Launch my Blog!

Greetings from Melbourne Beach!

It has been a longtime in the making, but I am finally taking the plunge and making my very first blog post! I know, I know…you must be giving me a standing ovation right now. HA!  Why did this task seem so daunting? Oh ghee… I don’t know…let me list the myriad of reasons! What do I have to say? Who cares? Can I be witty, clever and funny? And then there is the dreaded question of will anyone actually read this? Well..it is time to find out. I’m excited to find my voice and even more excited to share with you my passion for photography. It seems appropriate that I start by simply sharing  some of my most favorite images from this past year. They may not have the perfect exposure, lighting or composition. However, they all have touched my soul and most importantly have meaning to me.

After all…isn’t that what photography is all about?

[nggallery id=10]

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Hello Friends!

Hello Friends

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